The Arch Story - by Owner Joe Giacalone

While most people I know spend their spare time watching TV or playing golf, my favorite thing to do is home design and building. It is a passion I’ve carried with me since childhood, and one that is in my blood.

I’ve been drawn to construction since I was very small. When I was in third grade, my aunt bought a fixer-upper just up the road from where I lived in Medford. That old house, which soon became my home away from home, needed a lot of work. When tradespeople came to do repairs – whether it was a plumber renovating a bathroom or a plasterer installing a new ceiling – I would drop everything and watch. I even tried to help by handing them tools or cleaning up, earning me the nickname “the little helper.” Most days I had to be coaxed away for dinner because I just wanted to spend all my time with the workers.

After graduating college, I tried to enter traditional white-collar jobs but always felt out of my element. My passion for the construction industry was as strong as ever, and that was clearly the field where I was most comfortable. Wanting to blend my college education with my blue-collar DNA, I established Arch Painting in 1997. My goal, besides simply staying true to myself, was to take a trade with an unfortunate reputation for being fly-by-night, apply a traditional business model, and operate it with professionalism and integrity.

Things have changed a lot from the days of that little boy growing up in Medford. My first company, Arch Painting, has gone on to be one of the largest and most respected painting companies in New England. With a full staff of dedicated project managers, executives, and administrative personnel contributing to the company’s success, I now have the opportunity to pursue my original passion and take on select design/build home projects through Arch Building.